Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn, Tron: Legacy 2010

Photo by Mark Loertscher

Ever since the original Tron in the 1980's I hoped they would do a sequel.  I got my wish in 2010 with the release of Tron: Legacy

Finally, technology had caught up to the idea of being transported into "The Grid".  After much research I found a youtube interview with one of the costume designers.  Well, unfortunately after following up with the companies mentioned and trying some of their products I found it was unfeasible.  The power requirements for "Parallel electrode" Electroluminescent (EL) tape were far too high for battery power.  Enter "Split Electrode" EL tape.  

Split EL tape is far more durable, requires less power for the same brightness and I could get it in a long row vs. small strips.  Granted this stuff is still expensive (even when purchased from China) and Kevin Flynn has some of the widest EL tape of all the characters.  For a flexible thing like a robe and with all the splices I really had no choice but to use Split EL.  The other characters a body armor type of suit and parallel electrode totally suffices here.  Many of their light up designs are really a solid flat sheet with black masking over it.  Sewn by by friend Christie, but I did one neck seam, but since then she's taught me to sew.

I do sell the Identity Disc holder on Shapeways.  
I have the Kevin Flynn version and a Generic version for other Tron characters.

About the costume:

  • 100% polyester, reference from costume designer interview
  • 60% poly/40% Lanscot Panache upholstery fabric for jacket
  • 3D printed Identity Disc holder
  • Identity Disc toy with retrofit LED kit (will redo this as a 3D printed item later)
  • 2" wide Split electrode EL tape, Pengyulong Technology
  • HY-DC3000 DC-AC inverter, Pengyulong Technology
  • 2x12V 3AH batteries.








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