Dr. Krieger

Dr. Krieger, Archer

It's not lonely being a Klon-Bruder, and your access is denied to Fort Kickass.

Photo by random booth worker

I sought out the fabulous Sammie Bartko at SLCC 15 this year.  Wow can she paint!  She put on the paint equivalent of "Just for men" and added in the jaw section of my beard as well as cel shaded my face.  This included evening out my skin tone (yup 40 and I still have the skin of a teenager).  Then she outlined my hairlines (face and goatee) and added some painted textures and wrinkle lines.  Needless to say, it was so good that people did a double double take.

About the costume:

  • Lab Coat from medical supply store site
  • Yellow shirt and brown tie from thrift store
  • Pants and shoes, my wardrobe.




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