YellowJacket (in progress)

Darren Cross aka YellowJacket, Ant-Man 2015

I will make updates to this page as I make progress on this cosplay.

I love strong and color pallets and the yellow/black combo in addition to the mechanical arms more or less had me panting during the Ant-Man movie.  Yes, it's a big break from the traditional comic book version but it puts it on technological par with today's technology.  This is my progress work on YellowJacket and I have done most of the sewing except for the inside yellow blocks on the biceps and the side of the leg and the neck collar.  

My friend Christie and I did come up with one nifty technique for those insets.  Rubber cement!  The black is a four-way stretch fake leather and it will not fold for love or money, so we used a little rubber cement to hold the folds down.  The yellow/gold hexagons were a design I made of 12,000 some odd little hexagon shapes that I had manufactured/heat set by Eagle Eye Promotions in West Jordan, UT.  The mirror shiny vinyl can only be heat set by a high temperature t-shirt press and Eagle Eye had to do it 14sq inches at a time and they did a fantastic job on the registration of each section.  The vinyl does take 90% stretch spandex down to 10% stretch but it still stretches just enough to fit.  FYI sewing two different stretch fabrics together is a booger to put it mildly.











  • 3D-model
  • 3D-model1
  • 3D-model2
  • Backpack-gluing-done
  • Backpack-gluing-patching-seams
  • Backpack-gluing
  • Helmet-Test-Assembled
  • Helmet-fixing-print-with-apoxie
  • Helmet-inner-on-printer
  • Helmet-parts-resin-coated
  • Mouth
  • Shirt-test-fit
  • aHelmet-Done
  • aHelmet-Done1
  • aHelmet-Done2
  • aHelmet-Done3
  • aHelmet-Done4
  • arms-3D-wrist-adapter
  • arms-mechanical
  • backpack-hump-clear-resin-back
  • backpack-hump-clear-resin-yellow
  • backpack-hump-cutting
  • backpack-making-grooves
  • backpack-more-details
  • backpack-paper
  • chest-pattern
  • helmet-bottom-ear-holes
  • helmet-chiseling-off-support-material
  • helmet-inner-additions-1
  • helmet-inner-additions
  • helmet-outer-bottom-front-on-printer-loose-support
  • helmet-outer-bottom-front-on-printer
  • helmet-painting-1
  • helmet-parts-resin-cleaning-out
  • helmet-shells-painted
  • leg-and-knee-armor
  • mouth-apoxie-patching
  • pants-1-leg-applique
  • pants-1_2-done
  • pants-front
  • pants-left
  • pants-right
  • pants-starting
  • sleeves-done
  • sleeves-gluing
  • test-fit

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