Stargate Heavy Jaffa (In Progress)

Stargate Worlds MMO game (in limbo) 

Character by Jon-Troy 'Hazardous' Nickel

If you've watched Stargate SG-1 or it's spin-off series and movies you're familiar with the Jaffa guards.  In the cancelled Stargate Worlds MMO game they designed a beefed up a Jaffa into a heavy warrior version.  This Jaffa was spawned from the mind of the super talented character artist Jon-Troy 'Hazardous' Nickel.

I'm having to make screen measurements and "invent" a few along the way to fill in gaps since the original character model is lost somewhere inside the vaults of MGM.  Because of the sheer amount of chainmaille this is a long term project.  It's already taken 6000+ rings for two arms.  and I still have to do two legs.


  • Staff-Weapon
  • Stun-Grenade-Active_Tokkal
  • chainmaille-arm
  • chainmaille-closeup
  • chainmaille-progress
  • chainmaille-spinning-rings
  • chainmaille-strips
  • chainmaille-sub-sets
  • gem-materials
  • gem-off
  • gems
  • helmet-ear-gears
  • helmet-horus-paint-closeup
  • helmet-horus
  • helmet-reference
  • measurements-back
  • statue
  • zbelt-buckle

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